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Doing business Integrity management with our fundamental principle.

Lotte Department Store, We do business Integrity CEO Won Joon Lee

Our society demands on corporations to be ethical, as their impact on society is getting bigger.
We are aware of that unethical companies will be disregarded by the customers and the society, and eventually left behind. Nowadays, ethical management is a key component of achieving competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

During the past 38 years, Lotte Department Store strives to provide quality products and services that are beloved and well-trusted by our customers, and enrich the quality of the customers’ lifestyle.
In order to become a Global Top 5 distribution enterprise, we need even higher sense of ethics.

Therefore, we set the Integrity management as a foundation of the new management principle. We are working hard to get a buy-in from our management team and employees in regards to the importance of ethical management, and setting an ethical corporate culture with the help of new policies like Ethical management steering committee, 10 Code of ethics declaration, Ethical performance management, and other system improvement.

A Korean philosopher Jeong Yak-Yong, an author of “Admonitions on Governing the People' -Public Servant Ethic” stated that a wise person knows that integrity is beneficial to oneself. We will meditate on the meaning of Jeong’s words and work harder to realize our core value of “doing business Integrity”.

Thank you so much for your ceaseless interest and support.